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Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes

Welcome to Asylum Zone Halloween Costumes! Halloween continues to become a record breaking holiday and Halloween 2017 is no exception! Adults are quickly becoming the dominant celebrators of the spooky holiday so we carry adult costumes, women's costumes, women's plus size costumes, men's costumes, men's plus size costumes and also unisex costumes to fit those needs.

Here is another Halloween Industry 2017 surprise: costumes are not just for Halloween. Sure, we stock Halloween costumes but you are not limited to Halloween only; there's 70's retro disco parties where people dress up in a jumbo afro wig, bell bottoms, disco costumes and all around discotheque themes. There are 80's totally retro parties where you dress up as your favorite 80s party costumes and so much more! As one of the leading costume retailers in the country, we also offer accessories year round with a growing list of items being added daily. We carry the latest costumes from your favorite movies such as Wonder Woman, Beauty and the Beast, Star Wars, X-Men costumes, Superhero Costumes including the hottest superhero Wade Wilson Deadpool and Harley Quinn from the hit Suicide Squad Movie.

Not just popular items for Halloween, birthdays, parties and school plays, costumes are also popular for Cosplay or costume play especially for Marvel Comics and DC Comics fans. Simply put, if there's a reason to celebrate something, we have a costume for you to make your celebration extra special. In addition, check out our selection of gay pride costumes and accessories here. We are proud to celebrate diversity and cherish the beauty of being who you want to me in the LGBT community and all communities alike!

Great Costumes — Great Styles — And More Halloween Merchandise Being Added Daily!

The Halloween spirit continues to be celebrated more and more as the years pass. Here is a fact: "In the U.S., where Halloween is an extremely popular holiday (2nd largest commercial holiday), expenditures on Halloween products top $7.4 billion. On costumes alone, U.S. consumers spend $2.8 billion annually with the average consumer spending $77.52 (" - The beauty is you don't have to be a child to enjoy dressing up in a costume. Get your costume early by using our Halloween Costume Coupon Codes offered all year around and enjoy the spooky holiday! -Asylum Zone- Halloween Props and Holiday Decorations to die for! We have a fantastic selection of Halloween animatronics and props. Check out our Props and Decorations section for great indoor and outdoor props. If you are planning to have a Halloween party, we got you covered. Everything you need from skeletons, witches and ghosts; Asylum Zone Halloween Costumes is your one stop shop for all your decorating needs. But not just Halloween, we have plenty of Easter, St. Patrick's Day, Valentine's Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, 4th of July and so much more. Check out our Party Supplies area for our full selection.



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